Friday, 17 July 2015

CBI won't Investigate Kerala Lottery Scam Case

The CBI which directs a preparatory round of investigation before it assumes control over any investigation has discovered nothing solid in the Kerala lottery scam, at first sight to connection police officers with the geniuses of the Kerala lottery scam.

The lottery scam which made a clamor was even discussed in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly. Despite the fact that the state police had started a test into the issue, the resistance requested that the same be given over to the CBI. The Chief Minister of Karnataka subsequent to taking a choice reported at a public interview that the test is being given over to the CBI. The CBI however directed a preparatory investigation into the matter and has demonstrated that it won't investigate the case.

CBI Kerala Lottery Scam

Further sources educated that the CBI has likewise discovered no immediate connection between the lottery scam geniuses and senior police officer, Alok Kumar for this situation. Alok Kumar was put under suspension pending investigation after a few channels had uncovered a claimed connection in the middle of him and the lottery driving force, Pari Rajan. Alok Kumar had however made it clear that he knew who Rajan was additionally included that there was no managing between the two. All I had said was manage him as per the law, the senior police officer Alok Kumar had additionally said.

The lottery scam: The lottery scam was uncovered by a TV station. It was expressed that lottery kept on flourishing in the condition of Karnataka regardless of there being a boycott set up. It likewise uncovered the way in which the whole scam was being completed. Further it was additionally expressed that this scam is not limited to Karnataka alone. The scam was spread crosswise over to the conditions of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. The resistance in Karnataka had claimed that there was a politician nexus in this scam and since it had between state consequences, it should have been be tested by the CBI.

The CBI has the ability to either take up an investigation or reject it. At the point when the West Bengal religious recluse assault case was given over to the CBI, the organization had rejected it expressing that the state police is fit for doing the occupation.

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