Thursday, 31 July 2014

When is Friendship Day 2014?

The ultimate Answer to the question When is Friendship Day 2014

Worldwide Friendship Day 2014 will be celebrated on 3rd August, 2014. Every year the entire world celebrates this festival of friendship on the very first Sunday of August month, and this is the exact answer to the overly popular question When is Friendship Day. This is the day which is dedicated to one of the holiest bond or relationship mankind preserves. The righteousness, the divineness of Friendship can subdue any evil temptation around the world, so this is day the mankind should celebrate in a best way and in a saintliness way possible. Plan something different on Happy Friendship Day 2014, dedicate the day to your best buddies.

Friendship is the only thing which can triumph over war and tone down hatred. However, United Nation has declared 31st July as International Friendship Day but people of earth generally celebrate Friendship Day on the First Sunday of August. It was all started in South America and particularly in Paraguay where the Friendship Day was proposed for the first time in 1958. After that it escalated a step further when a businessman named Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark cards promoted Friendship Day to develop the greeting card business of his company.

After that, it gradually became one of the most popular events worldwide, and sharing greeting cards, gifting wrist band and sharing friendship day quotes has become the tradition of this very special day. Thank to the advancement of social networking, it is only for that Happy Friendship Day and the trend of it spread in every country of the world, especially in Asia.

Countries like India, Bangladesh and particularly in south Asia, the day has become one of the biggest trends. Basically, Friendship bands were made its passageway on the hands of Asian and particularly of Indian. But with the visitation of social networking it is not that popular that it’s used to be. Now, Sharing Friendship Day Quotes, Messages and Wallpapers on various popular social networking sites are the new hot cake among the teen agers.

So what’s your plan on Friendship Day 2014? Have made some Friendship Day Celebration Ideas or made a collection of Friendship Day 2014 Wallpapers to make it better than ever? Share with us.


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