Thursday, 10 April 2014

Ernesto Gainza Jumps 14K Ft, Breaks Guinness Record of Skydiving Using Smallest Parachute

Ernesto Gainza Sets new Guiness Record while Skydiving
If you have the will to do anything in your life, then nothing can prevent you from doing that. Venezuelan adventurer Ernesto Gainza proved that sentence legitimate by breaking the world record of skydiving with the smallest parachute in the middle of very strong winds in Dubai. He fell from 14000 feet of height with a parachute of only 35 square feet in just three and a half minutes.

Ernesto made his dream come true in just few minutes after months of practice and training. He was already performed more than 7000 jumps. This is the solid example of hard training can bring a person to where. “It was awesome, amazing and emotional,” said the world record breaker. He performed the stunt in front of hundreds of spectators who waited to see his inconceivable skit for a long time.

The previous record was set by Brazilian skydiver Luigi Cani who eventually used 37 square feet parachute in 2006. Even the professional skydiver use parachute measuring 80 to 200 square feet and the smallest performance requires at least 70-90 square feet parachute. But Ernesto Gainza showed that nothing is impossible. 
Ernesto Gainza sets new Guinness record

“It’s been my long time dream to prove to other human beings it doesn’t matter how much sacrifice and effort you have to go through to achieve something that you want. You just have to go for it. I want to motivate others to fight for their dreams and fulfill mine as well.” quoted Mr. Gainza.

Ernesto Gainza who had been skydiving since many years but this was the first time he skydived with that record breaking smallest parachute. “I have lately been jumping with the 37sq ft parachute, which is the current record. I have jumped with the 35sq ft one but usually got rid of it at 1,000 feet because I wasn’t certain if I could land it.” He also said.

About the Guinness book World Records:-

Most of the people think that Guinness pay money for making world record, but that’s not true, they do not pay any money for breaking or making any records whatsoever. The Guinness world record was originated in 1995. They publish a book every year including all kind of world records of human and the extreme of the nature world.


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