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Important Exam Tips to Prepare SBI PO and SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination

Some important tips to prepare for upcoming SBI PO and SSC Combined Graduate Level Examinations.
Exam Tips to Prepare SBI PO & SSC CGLE
Today we will discuss on a few important exam tips and strategies to prepare for upcomingSBI PO Recruitment” and “SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination (Tier I)” that offers highly lucrative government jobs. The recruitment process of these two sectors is highly competitive, so we need to prepare well to crack these exams with ease.

Examination Procedure:


Brief: The number one public sector unit State Bank of India will hold a written examination on 28th April, 2013 for the purpose of recruitment in the highly lucrative posts of Probationary Officers (PO). The written examination will be the first hurdle to cross in order to be selected in the said bank. We all know that tremendous hard work and utmost dedication are the most important two factors that are highly required for getting selection in the SBI PO exam.

Subjects: In the first stage of written exam of SBI PO you will need to prepare for these four sections only. All the sections will have 50 questions carrying 1 mark each, so the total marks will be 200, and for that we will be given only 2 hours. There will be negative markings too for each wrong answer, so you will have to be very careful while answering. You will need to attend questions from all the sections, as there may be minimum cut off for each section. 

             1.      Test of English Language
             2.      Test of General Awareness
             3.      Test of Data Analysis and Interpretation
             4.      Test of Reasoning (High Level)

Books to Follow
How to Crack the SBI PO Exam: State Bank of India and Associates Probationary Officer Success Master- Buy it from here.

SBI PO Examinations: Practice Set Papers- Buy it Online here.

A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Revised Edition (R. S. Aggarwal- To buy just click here.

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For SSC Combined Graduate:

Brief: The SSC (Stuff Selection Commission) Combined Graduate Level Examination is another great opportunity for all the government job aspirants. The jobs that will be provided by SSC to the successful candidates will be highly lucrative and secure. SSC CGLE is not a cake-walk type of examination for sure. To crack it only hard work will not be enough, as you need to strategize to the utmost level in order to be recruited. Today we will only talk about the preparation procedure for upcoming SSC CGLE (Tier I), which will be conducted on April 14 and 21.

Subjects: Like SBI PO, in the first stage of SSC CGLE too, you will need to prepare for four sections only. Just like the above one here also all the sections will have 50 questions carrying 1 mark each, so the total marks will be 200, and for that we will be given only 2 hours. There will be negative markings too for each wrong answer, so you will have to be very careful while answering.

                   1.      General Reasoning.
                   2.      General Awareness.
                   3.      Quantitative aptitude.
                   4.      English Language.

Important Books to Buy

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Some Common Tips and Strategies

All the applicants need to avoid last minute of exam tensions and all the panicking scenarios as much as possible. For that they need to adopt right exam strategies, so we are providing here a list of common exam tips and strategies that will eventually help all the participants to prepare properly for the above mentioned examinations.

Proper Mindset

First you will have to set up your mind properly in order to increase your chances. Lakhs of people are applying for these two exams, so you will have to be different from others. Don’t panic ever. You won’t have to compete with 50 lakh odd people, as most of them are not worthy enough for competitions. Just tell yourself, “Yes, I can do it,” and believe me my friend you will do it, if your mindset is strong enough and you are true enough to yourself.

Strengthen Your Reason

You need to strengthen your reason in order to be selected. First ask yourself why this job is necessary to you. If you can find a strong enough “why”, then you don’t need to worry about “how to achieve it”. Your why will define and teach you how to prepare properly in any situation. Your why will drive you to the glorious path of success.

Time Management

Proper Time Management is one of the crucial factors in every competitive exam. Here the applicant will be given only 2 hours to answer 200 odd questions i.e. not so easy. So you need to rethink and strategize well enough to increase your chances of getting selection. First you need to understand your strengths and weaknesses. My suggestion is to start with the General Knowledge/Current Affairs portion, as these questions would not take much time of yours. Don’t waste too much of time on a single question, leave it and try another one. You need to answer as much questions as you can from the section of your strength. 

Practice Question Papers/Mock Tests

You need to practice previous question papers quite frequently.  My suggestion is to first collect previous year question papers, then set your clock for two hours, and start solving it for exact two years. After that evaluate the whole paper, and check your outcome. You need to better your previous outcome as many times as possible. Self-evaluation is very important to any competitive exam success. Solving quite a few question papers will increase your overall speed and confidence that will surely give you an ultra boost in the real examination hall.

Prepare Current Affairs and English

Current Affairs and English language are the sections to score as high as possible, as the questions of these two sections will be easier than the other two i.e. reasoning and math. So you need to prepare this two properly, as you need to take full advantage of it.

For Current Affairs: For all the latest current affairs you can visit this blog regularly. My suggestion will be bookmark it right away or Subscribe to our mailing list to get a Free Copy of Last Six Month Current Affairs E-Magazine. You can follow our Facebook page too for all the latest updates. You can also follow the Monthly-wise Current Affairs Questions from here; you can download it too for free. In addition to that you should follow the news channels and newspapers on a daily basis.

For English: For English language you will need to read the local English newspaper on a daily basis. While reading note down every new word to your diary, as it will increase your vocabulary. Don’t forget to check the synonyms, antonyms and usage of the words that you would note down. Try to read English literatures as much as possible, and start to adopt English conversation in a friendly atmosphere.

These are the top five exam tips and strategies that you should follow to increase your chances of cracking the upcoming SBI PO and SSC Combined Graduate Level examination. If you have any further queries you can ask me here at comments, I’ll reply ASAP.


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