Thursday, 28 February 2013

World’s Most Billionaires Belong to Asia

According to a latest survey by China-based wealth magazine, most of the billionaires belong to Asia.
                                 According to a latest survey, which was conducted by China-based wealth magazine, most of the billionaires belong to Asia only that means Asia has more billionaire personalities than any other continents of the world. North America and Europe are right behind Asia in the list of most number of billionaires.

                             The survey was released on this Thursday only. There were a total 1,453 people across the world with a total personal net worth of $1 billion or more as of January, 2013. This information was taken from the Hurun Report, which is a popular magazine publisher. Eventually the publisher itself compiled the whole list.

                                                  The global economic world mainly revolves around these billionaires, as they have the power of money with them. They make the economic news; they control the economy power of their country in every manner possible. They have an immense influence in global economy outcome, and living in the same continent where the most number of billionaires belong to is quite a thing for sure.

                                                  In a statement the magazine claimed that Asia at the first place had 608 billionaires, it was followed by North America 440 and Europe 324. Almost 95% of total billionaire people belong to these three continents only.

                                                 If we go by the individual country in the said list, then the United States and China would clearly dominate it with 408 and 317 people respectively. These two countries were followed by the other economic power houses like Russia, Germany and our very own India. You may also like to read how Laksmi Mittal retained his top slot in UK rich list last year.

                                                 Mexican Telecom King Carlos Slim topped the list with a total personal net worth of $66 billion. He is the current “Richest Man on the Planet”. Eventually Mr. Slim also settled himself at the top slot last year in the Forbes magazine annual global rich list.

                                                 Warren Buffet, who is a top level investor of United States of America and the founder of fashion brand Zara Mr. Amancio Ortega of Spain were settled in second and third place respectively in the Hurun Report list. Buffet’s total personal fortune is $58 billion, while the total net worth of Mr. Ortega is $55 billion.

                                                As per a rough estimation the total net worth of all the billionaires of the world is stands at $5.5 trillion, which as much as the Japanese economy for the last year. Just imagine how the money has been polarized to some of the people around the world. It has to be mentioned here that India is likely to have 242k millionaires by 2017.

                                               "This past year has seen a rebound in the wealth of the private sector," the report added. It said that the net worth of top ten people of the list has been increasing at a steady rate of 22% over the year, which is on a rough estimation around $250 million per day.

                                                It added that the most common sources of the wealth were sectors like media and technology, telecommunications, Real estate and retail.

                                                 Mr. Rupert Hoogewerf, who is an accountant by training and the Chief Researcher and Chairman of the Hurun Report, said that the actual number of billionaires in the world might be at least three times higher as some of the ultra rich people prefer to hid their worth for their own reasons.

                                                 At a latest press conference he told the reporters, “Some people deliberately make their wealth a secret because they gained it through illegal ways, while some others simply prefer to keep a low profile."

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